V ENANPARQ 2018: open calls for submissions and applications

https://www.enanparq2018.com/ TOPIC: Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil: crises, impasses and challenges With an architecture and urbanism in Brazil today: crises, impasses and challenges, the V Meeting of the National Association of Research and Postgraduate Architecture and Urbanism will be held between October 13 and 2018, at the Faculty of Architecture of the Federal University of Bahia - FAUFBA. V enanparq seeks to discuss, in a transversal, interdisciplinary and innovative way, the current context related to the field of activity, promoting the debate on measurement of fat major in Brazilian universities, in dialogue with the practices and international production, thus fostering critical criticism of and perspectives in the context of crises, impasses and challenges. In this fifth edition the event is being organized by the Post- Graduation in Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Bahia (PPGAU / UFBA), by the Professional Master in Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Historical Centers (MP-CECRE / UFBA) and the Residence Professional in Architecture, Urbanism and Engineering (Residence AU + E / UFBA). As the work calls are for three different to the Thematic Axis of the event: Thematic Tables; Thematic Symposiums; Offices and Urban Practices. Each proposer to make for the set of modalities. Calls open until May 31, 2018, come and join us! V enanparq - Salvador 2018 https://www.enanparq2018.com